Facial Veins

Abnormal facial veins affect people of all ages. They can be quite bothersome, because obviously, they're the most difficult to hide.

Some people try to cover them up with different combinations of make-up. However, this approach is only somewhat effective and very high-maintenance. Also, this is clearly not a popular choice for men who suffer from facial veins.

What Kinds of Facial Veins are there?

These unwanted veins appear in several forms (there are photos here of most of these ):

  • Telangiectasias: Veins on the cheeks and nose are groups of dilated capillaries. Often sun-related.

  • Spider angiomas: Dilated capillaries fed directly by an arteriole that can occur anywhere on the body

  • Capillary hemangiomas (ruby spots): little red dots

  • Rosacea: familial dilated capillaries on cheeks, nose, and chin frequently seen in combination with acne lesions

  • Venous lakes: dark blue dilated veins most commonly seen on lips

There is also one commonly treated facial vein that is totally normal, but is none-the-less a cosmetic concern for many people. This is the blue vein that can be seen coursing from the lower eyelid passing up the outside edge of the eyebrow and up onto the forehead where it commonly has several branches.  

There are no health consequences to facial veins. They are only a cosmetic issue. Thankfully, we do offer very effective ways to treat them.*

Treating Facial Veins


Laser and intense pulsed light are safe effective treatments for facial veins. One to three 10 minute treatments will give you significant improvements that usually last for years.*

*Results may vary.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you with your facial veins today. You can contact us by calling 905.853.3200 or you can click here to book an appointment.

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