Support Hose

Support hose is also called support stockings, compression hose, graduated compression hose etc. 

Support hose is a vital element in vein care. On the Vein Basics page you learned how blood makes it way back up leg veins. Support hose assists this process. 

Support hose has been a mainstay of vein therapy for decades. 

By assisting venous drainage, support hose can accomplish the following: reduce vein symptoms (like aching and heaviness), slow the progression of varicose veins, help prevent new varicose veins, reduce the risk of blood clots, reduce the risk of venous ulcers, and speed healing of existing venous ulcers.* 

People have a lot of preconceived negative notions about support hose:

  • "They're ugly." Not any more. The "granny hose" of yesteryear is no more. Modern stockings are vastly more appealing. They are sheer and attractive.
  • "They're hard to get on." They only take about 30 seconds more than regular stockings to get on.
  • "They'll cut off my circulation." Absolutely not. They are designed and engineered to do exactly the opposite. They will improve your circulation.

Everyone undergoing vein treatments must wear support hose, not to increase the success of treatment, but to reduce the risk of complications.**

Once your treatments are complete you should wear knee-high support hose forever to help prevent new veins (Varicose veins are a genetic condition. We can't stop the gene from creating new varicose veins. Support hose can slow down the process).*

We use Sigvaris support hose** for the following reasons: high quailty, wide range of sizes for proper fit, corporate commitment to education and excellence in vein care. 

Getting a proper fit is critical to the success of support hose. York Vein Clinic has certified fitters on staff. In fact, Dr. Kritzinger has presented lectures at Sigvaris fitter training seminars.

*Results may vary.

**You are under no obligation to purchase support hose from York Vein Clinic for your treatments.

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